Its my wall

Its my wall
23410 Grand Reserve Drive, Suite 102
Katy TX

Company Description:

Let me tell you about our wallpaper store.

The dream of having our very own wallpaper brand was born around 8 years ago. This family-owned company started with a clear vision of elevating spaces and creating experiences through beautiful and luxurious walls.

We began this journey selling and installing wallpaper from the most recognized brand and signature houses as we started serving the Greater Houston area, with our professional and ethical services. But there was always the dream to start printing and installing our own designs, providing not only other artistic options to our clients, but also giving them the choice of custom designs.

Now, with the collaboration of several artists, we offer a great variety of murals of our own along with the luxurious wallpaper brands we represent. Creating walls that inspire has become our passion as we pursue excellence in every job we take, from the first time our clients contact us to the moment when they see their walls for the first time.

We turn houses into the home of your dreams, commercial spaces into places to experience luxury, and above all, we change the way you live your walls.

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Use code: HOUSHOW to get 20% off on murals.

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